The owner, the founder, the principal builder, the designer, THE ARTIST

Is it possible that construction can run in the bloodstream? Absolutely.

Anyone who’s sat across from Tony Baiardi for even a few minutes knows without a doubt that he lives to put action to a vision. With a magical ability to put even the most nervous person at ease, he makes it effortless for clients to describe their needs, their dreams, their fears – everything they’re feeling in relation to a potential project. From there, it begins,.. what absolutely every past client agrees on: Tony makes it all okay. All of it. Four decades of devotion to old world craftmanship makes him a living, breathing resource on all that is possible. He can always find an elegant solution to the challenges of a project that will thrill all of the individuals involved. Just one of the first ways he makes a project feel effortless, seamless. That feeling only continues as he executes the vision and masterfully walks clients through the process. There are numerous clients excited to describe the experience to anyone considering a project with Tony’s firm.

To Tony, anything is possible, and he lives to put form and shape to that “anything.”

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