Delicious details

When you lay in your bathtub and look up, what do you see? Something soothing? We give all details their due attention.


Make a utilitarian space into an escape.

Many times, the age of your home and its original designer leave their signature in the design of the bathroom. Often it describes utility, and sometimes it can even try to describe an attempt at mindfulness. In the end, you either love your bathroom, or you don’t.

If you’re ready to turn your bathroom into a luxurious daily escape, Baiardi Construction can help you define just what that escape looks like. To some people, it means a private sauna. To others, it means a bathtub that encloses them and provides a hideaway from a chaotic world. And still to others, it means new fixtures and flooring. Whatever you’re imagining, the owner of Baiardi Construction will translate your thoughts into an actionable plan that meets all of your expectations and respects your budget. You will have a bathroom that you love more quickly than you can imagine.

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