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A revived kitchen revives everyone who spends time there. Ask us about your ideas!


Renovate Your Kitchen

Give a new life to your current home.

The kitchen is so often the center of a home – nourishing the life that inhabits it. In many cases, homeowners are and have been content with their house and the stories they have lived to fill it with and moving to another home is out of the question. Whereas new furniture and new paint hues can give new life to nearly all of the rooms in a house, a kitchen can prove more challenging to update. Appliances and surfaces age, the cook in the household dreams of different tools, the family needs more space to gather.

Baiardi Construction can give your kitchen a new life, a new energy. By intently listening to your ideas and parameters, the owner of Baiardi Construction will put together a design that meets all of your expectations while staying within your budget, without compromising the high quality standards to which the company is fundamentally committed.

While it’s natural that scary tales of friends’ kitchen remodels gone awry can cause some subconscious worry, concerns about renovation timelines with Baiardi Construction are unfounded. We apply our incredible expertise and polished efficiency to your project so timeline is no longer keeping you from that kitchen you’ve been dreaming about. Our turnaround time will blow you away. Just like it’s blown away our other clients.

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